Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Honeymoon Part 2

Honeymoon Part 2



I spent most of the last post on just 1 day of our honeymoon, because as you saw it was a FILLED day. That was Wednesday. Thursday was a MUCH more laid back day. I had made a reservation at the spa and got a deep tissue massage along with a reflexology massage. Which if you don’t know anything about massages, it concentrates on your feet. There are tons of pressure points and nerve endings in your feet that correlate with other parts of your body. It was my first ever reflexology massage and it was HEAVENLY. After a 50 minute deep tissue I was already almost sleeping, but within seconds of her doing the reflexology, I was OUT. Twenty-five minutes later she was waking me quietly, “Miss Megan, time to get up.” I was so relaxed I didn’t even want to move. But I got dressed and headed out to find Ben who had come to get me. I wasn’t all that keen about walking around the resort alone. (Its Mexico, you never know). Once we were back in the room, I quickly laid down and continued my nap…… for three hours. Yeah, I slept the whole afternoon away. While Ben was down in the pool getting drunk. Lol

But I was so relaxed and happy, that was the point, right? It was vacation after all. Besides, I made up for it on Friday.

Friday we went to Xcaret an ecological park in Mexico. It was kind of like an extreme zoo…. Maxed out to the extreme! They had animals and exhibits, aquariums and river snorkeling.

And they had DOLPHINS!

And you could SWIM WITH THEM!

She was really playful and 9 months pregnant! You couldn’t even tell! They’re pregnancy last 12 months!

She swam in circle around the group of us at 25 miles an hour! It was really cool!

This was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life! I had always wanted to be a marine biologist as kid, and having done this, it really makes me think about changing my major!

After swimming with the dolphins alone, Ben and I went on a Snorkel Tour in the ocean thru the Xcaret Park. It was an interesting expeirance, but neither one of us really enjoyed it. We had gone on a different, much smaller, tour a few days before and were a little let down by the Xcaret experience. I’ll do Part 3 of the blog on snorkeling, when I get my under water pictures developed.

After snorkeling I had the insane chance to swim with SHARKS!

They were nurse sharks and one of the “friendliest sharks” there are. Yeah, I wasn’t buying that either.

I was actually really scared!

Then the trainer picked up this 7ft shark and put it in my LAP!

Yeah, its resting in my LAP!!

And guess what male sharks have?!

 2 PENIS’S!!! LOL You see them??

1’s to hold open the females “opening” and the other is to penetrate! You can imagine the jokes Ben made about that 1!

This was another action packed day that almost had us missing our bus! After we were done petting the sharks Ben and I had to RUN across the park to get to the parking lot in time for our 4:30 pick up. If we had missed it, we were stuck until 10pm. Which I was informed, “was not happening.” So we ran, made it, and sat on the bus for an hour dripping wet in air conditioning back to the hotel.

There was so much going on at the park, I could see why they had 2 day passes for sale. We missed the chance to snorkel in the underground river, but it was still an amazing day. I’d love to be able to go back some day!



  1. Those dolphins are adorable! And the sharks....eek! You're a much braver woman than me. I wouldn't have gone near them!

  2. I've had Nurse sharks around me before and yeah they're really passive. I still like watching people freak out though! Another Mermaid approved day! Fins up!