Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small World

So I was sitting here thinking about maybe starting a blog, when it occurred to me that I already had one. "Raven Hill" was made years ago and I clearly did nothing with it. Probably because it was made while I was in high school and I already had another one going at the time. So it got put away and nothing happened with it.

Then tonight I decided I might give it a try again. But the more I thought about what I'd name it or what I'd even want to talk about, it dawned on me that I had created yet ANOTHER blog for posting stories or random writings that I'd done over the years. For the life of me, I could not find this. So I googled "theysayitscrazy" and HOLY SHIT did I find myself on the internet ALOT. Long story short, I found the old blog that I posted random chapters and stories too, but can't remember the e-mail or login for this blog.

Here's the link.

The stories/chapters were written when I was 16/17, almost 10 years ago now. But that blog will never be updated again. I would have probably continued with it, had I remembered the login.

Oh well, it's a small world after all and it turns out I have 3 blogs out there...eeeekk!