Monday, April 2, 2012

Politically Correct

So there has been some drama going on at work lately. Recently our manager brought us all together for a quick, short three minute meeting to basically yell at us to not post cartoons or anything on the work bulletin board. Okay, fine. Whatever.

But I guess while I was away on vacation, one of my friends brought in a political cartoon of Obama. I never saw the cartoon, don't know what was on it exactly, but from what I hear is, the cartoon had Obama addressing a preschool class and saying something like: "okay 50% of the class was napping, why don't we have the napper's do some work now." Remember, I never saw this cartoon and have only heard what people have said.

Okay, so S brings in this cartoon to show our friend T. They have a laugh about it and S says she wants to leave it on our Floor Manager's desk because she could appreciate the humor. T laughs and says, "Nooo... put it on the bulletin board so when K comes up from downstairs, she see's it."

So both woman laugh again, because K is a 32 old woman that ALWAYS sleeps at her desk. On the clock, will sit straight up like she's working, close her eyes and sleep. She's been busted who knows how many times by everyone in the department. So S and T think the cartoon is hilarious because its poking fun at K. Honestly, I would have laughed too because this woman does always sleep, but she'll be the first person to tattle tale on you and throw you under the bus. No one, not one single person has ever turned her in for sleeping because we're not tattle tales.

Okay, that being said. You need to understand that K is black. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have any issues with black people. I DO have issues with lazy people in general though. And to me, K is lazy because she sleeps on the job. But K is a person that always feels that because she is black, people don't like her. When really people know her personality and how fake and back stabbing she is. THAT is why people don't like her. I've had her rat me out INSTANTLY because I took the wrong tray of mail. So, she doesn't seem to understand that people just don't like HER.

But the problem now is, K has gone to HR to report this. From what I'm told, because I was in my own little world today and didn't see anything, today people were brought into HR individually for a "Fact Finding Meeting". Now mind you, this is something that occurred on March 23rd. Today is April 2nd. Why is this being addressed over a week later?

So T calls me after work today to tell me everything I had missed while I was in my own little world today. Apparently K is trying to make this cartoon out to being offensive and racial. This is the part that really makes me mad. Racial? I mean REALLY?! It has NOTHING to do with race. Yes Obama is black. Who cares? The cartoon was only talking about the nappers, my friends were only interested in the napping because its FUNNY. K sleeps at her desk every. single. day. Of course we're all gonna laugh at that cartoon. Because it fits our situation and brightens our day a little.

But for this bitch to bring it around to racism? And taking it as far as HR to try and get people in trouble with their jobs? Am I being over dramatic here? Do I just not see her reasoning? I honestly feel like she just trying to get these two in trouble because she doesn't like them. I really don't see how it can be offensive. I guess if you don't like it, don't fucking sleep on the job!

Sorry...I ranted a little.