Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding Hair

So I recently hit a true actual bridezilla moment, something that now that the dust has settled, I can laugh about, but in the heat of the moment was not funny in the slightest. 

For over six months now my grandmother has been telling me her hair stylist, Tom would come to my house the day of the Wedding and do my hair and my three bridesmaid’s hair. Grandma even said she would pay for all the girls to get their hair done that day! Wonderful! My grandma is simply a saint on most days. Thank you for the wonderful gift!

So all this time I’ve been under the impression that everything was all set and taken care of for that day; that all I would need to do is make an appointment with Tom closer to the Wedding to do some trial hair styles so see what works best with my hair.

Oh was I ever so wrong.

After calling his salon twice and leaving two messages on Tuesday (two weeks ago), I still did not hear anything back. Odd, I thought, but not under heard of. So I called a third time. FINALLY, on Thursday I got a hold of someone that WASN’T Tom, and had to make an appointment for the following Thursday after work. Fine. Okay. Still got a month until the Wedding. No big deal.

Oh Big Deal.

When I finally got to the shop, a whole 30 minutes down the highway from work, Tom stands up as soon as I walk in. We introduce ourselves and he asks, “When’s the Wedding?” Odd, I think again, but answer. “August 24th.” He then proceeds to check his calendar and tell me he is booked and cannot do my hair that day.

This is where I start to tear up and getting overly confused. I told him what Grandma had said, that he was coming to the house that day and doing four girls hair. That’s when he shook his head and said no. He informed me that he and grandma had “Talked about it” but he had never officially told her “YES” and that Saturdays are impossible for him to leave the shop.

Hmm… that’s funny, because I checked their website before I drove WAY OUT OF MY WAY, and it said the shop was closed Saturday and Sundays. Interesting. 

So now I’m trying my damnedest not to snap at this old man. Or worse! CRY! Yes he was in his sixties. And in my rage, that made him an old ass geyser who I did NOT want to even talk to.

But I stayed polite because after all, he is ‘friend’ of my grandmother and both of my grandma’s taught me better than that. So I said something about, “maybe grandma was confused,” and left; after being there five minutes, I was gone! And so were my emotions!

I swear this Wedding is going to make me start smoking again.

Once I was on the highway, I texted my Aunt (shhhh), to see if she could talk, since she was on vacation. She quickly called me back and I laid it all out. And guess what!! She was just as confused as I was. She had heard grandma every time we talked about Tom, say everything was taken care of and to make an appointment for a trial. So no, I wasn’t just imagining it.

After I cooled down, I hung up with her and made it home safely. I then called in my reinforcements. I called the BFF who started calling everyone she knew that might do hair. I called my other grandma to see if she knew anyone. And at a last resort, I emailed my make-up artist who is coming to the house for the Wedding to see if she knew of anyone.

I really wanted someone to come to the house vs. every one go to the salon. I figured it would be much more laid back with my girls, hanging at home, drinking mimosa’s and hanging out while we got pampered. But to be safe, I drove into town and booked all four of us girls appointments at the hair salon for that day. 

Thankfully they had them. I figured it would be safer than nothing, and I could cancel later if I found someone to come to the house.

And thank you Lauren! LG Makeup Design really has great customer service. I truly recommend them! Lauren quickly email the three girls she worked with in the past to see if anyone was available A MONTH from now. Many tense and stressful hours went by before Lauren got back to me before bed time. 

And low and behold! One of her friend’s was available for that day! I spoke with Chiara today and everything is ALL SET! She is booked to come to my house at 7 am that morning to start doing all us girl’s hair. I even booked my trial with her for two weeks from now (earliest she could get me in).

So after all is said and done, I can breathe easily. Unfortunately the ole saying is true: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Which I probably should have done in the beginning, being the control freak that I am.

I’m over that hurdle now. And we’ve got 28 Days Until The Wedding.

I’m shaking in my boots man. ;)