Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Class

So last night was my first class and the night started off as to be expected. I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t find anything. Every time I turned around to look for something Ben was under foot and I was constantly running into him. That drives me BEYOND nuts, so I start to get cranky and snippy. But he finally helps me find everything and I get out the door. Had to make 4 stupid boys (brother’s friends) move their cars out of the driveway so I could get out. (long driveway). And then I sat in rush hour traffic for a half hour on the way to campus.

I get to the school a half hour early and sit back in my car, content to read and chat on twitter. At 6:08 I head inside (class starts at 6:30) to try and find the room before hand. Well as I’m walking around, I realize none of the classroom numbers go up to 207. Ummm yeaaaah, nooo. There was no such number. So I go ask at the front desk and find out I’m at the wrong campus! The “correct” Naperville campus is located 5 miles away in the middle of rush hour, and a place I’ve never been before or knew existed. I could have sworn I was at the right place.

So with the address plugged in my GPS on my phone, I head back to the car and check the time: 6:19. I officially have 11 minutes to get five miles. Sounds totally possible and usually would be if it wasn’t rush hour in Naperville. (Largest suburb of Chicago, tons of yuppies who can’t drive). But thanks to the nice lady I was able to take a back way with very little traffic and raced against the clock to get to class on time.

I finally roll into class at 6:29 and sit down. 6:30 on the dot, the teacher stands up and I will not stop smiling for the next 3 hours. Yes. My teacher, Dr. William Dezoma was wearing an 1890’s 3 piece suit, complete with pocket watch on a chain and the handle-bar mustache that he would frequently twist around his fingers. There were even suspenders underneath the vest. It was EPIC and I enjoyed it very much!



He has a doctorate in literature and is one of the world’s top experts in Pirate Literature. Yes. Pirate Literature. There was an intense lengthy discussion on Pirates of the Caribbean to follow. I hope next week I can get a picture of him!

I can’t even express thoroughly how much this man had me hooked as soon as he started speaking. He was such a character that you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. He was bouncing around the room, very animatedly, standing on desks and jumping off. He captured my attention and held it for 3 hours straight.

His views on analyzing stories go far beyond the page and into our daily lives. Everyone you meet is their own fictional character with their own story. But not only do they have their own story, their stories have stories. What he was saying, was the story is always changing and evolving, it just depends on how you analyze it. The class is 80% discussion and 20% papers, midterms, finals.

Long story short, I had a blast at my first class and I’m really looking forward to going back. I’m really happy I decided to go back to school!

Homework for next week:

Read 2 short stories:

Sony's Blues By James Baldwin

Young Goodman Brown By Nathaniel Hawthorne


  1. Pirate Literature sounds awesome! And you're right, a good professor makes all the difference!

  2. Pirates?! (I wonder if he's heard of me? hmmmm) I love that your professor was dressed that way! Very steampunk! (google that!)

  3. Have to admit I had never heard of Pirate Literature before, but it must be fascinating! Your professor sounds awesome!